Seeing things fully and simply

A global buying group co-operative evaluates the automotive market in Germany, US, Canada and UK to spearhead it’s entry into the northern hemisphere.

Dominant in home markets, a leading buying group co-operative was evaluating the commercial attractiveness and market entry opportunity in four separate automotive markets in Europe and North America to meet its thirsty growth aspirations. Management were concerned they were not seeing the full picture. That’s when they turned to Focus Solutions for assistance.

Focus Solutions helped the management team understand the dynamics of each market, competitive position and respective proposition of incumbent suppliers in each country after-market segment, appraise customer needs and channels to market, and critique the operating business-model of incumbents. We then developed a unique process for evaluating the commercial attractiveness of each market that included materiality, right to win, ease of entry, leveraging core capabilities and investment requirement. The outcome enabled management to see things fully and simply.

Focus Solutions helped the senior management team understand the degree of difficulty in entering the recommended country and after-market segment by articulating the business-model needed, the market entry strategy needed and the financial investment needed.

In the light of our recommendations, the global Board decided to form a strategic partnership with an existing incumbent supplier in the preferred market – a very different approach to that originally planned. An alternative approach that yielded early success.