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Supporting Principles

Focus Solutions’ approach to creating strategies that work is founded on supporting and enduring principals.

Strategies must be different.  Superior financial returns are realised by serving different customers, fulfilling different needs or satisfying customers in different ways or having lower relative costs. Leaders have to make choices.

Good strategies are evidence-based.  Good strategy doesn’t substitute analysis for fluff, buzzwords or slogans. it tackles the obstacles to forward progress and brings a quality of action by setting realistic strategic objectives. This is what makes companies bigger, better and faster so they achieve their full potential.

The core business should be strong.  Successful companies define their core as their most profitable customers, most differentiated strategic capabilities, most critical product offerings and most important channels. The core is the growth engine and needs to be strong before venturing into new markets.

Competitive advantage generates superior returns. Competitive advantage is the gap between buyer value and cost. True competitive advantage reveals itself in the company’s profit and loss statement through its ability to charge a higher relative price or deliver customer value with lower relative costs.

Strategy is emergent. Very few successful companies create their strategy and execute it without course corrections. Few know the future with absolute clarity. Good strategy involves appropriate and timely adjustments as things become clearer over time. Strategy is direction not destination.

A good strategy is actionable. Winning strategies are those designed to be implemented and incorporate a clear performance feedback loop. Understood by all and not just the Board room.

The business-model must be repeatable and sustainable. Successful companies build repeatable, scalable and profitable business models. They make what they can sell, experiment and pivot to determine what works best and why. The bedrock of all strategy.

Based on our experience, Focus Solutions have impressive credentials in assisting companies appraise the appropriateness of their strategy and the efficiency and effectiveness with which they are being executed.

The Really Big Questions

When Strategy Doesn’t Work