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Seeing the Bigger Picture

We would especially draw attention to the breadth and depth of their research skills that are blended seamlessly with real commercial acumen to provide really insightful next steps.

Every day there are thousands of little choices being made in companies. All of them count. All of them need to be guided by an overarching policy on the way to run, manage and grow the operation, interact with customers and suppliers, market and position products and services, ways and means to compete, etc. It’s essential that leaders ensure these little choices add up to effective and efficient strategy execution. Not doing so is perhaps why so many reflect the strategy didn’t live-up to expectations or, worse, failed. Executing strategy is about doing the right things right:

Clarifying the strategic direction and long range intention of the company – determining what the company will look like in, say, five years from now, a sense of destiny, and communicating this to those who will play a role in the company’s success.

Translating the company vision – an actionable hierarchy of goals and performance metrics that inform operational decision-making and individual behaviour across business units, functions and teams.

Aligning the company structure and culture – ensuring the strategy is actionable: the right people doing the right things in the right way.

Determining what winning looks like and the key capabilities that need to be developed and refined to win in the chosen market spaces: differentiating core and supporting capabilities.

Investing in ways that support strategy execution – CAPEX or OPEX – through a portfolio of projects that are cumulatively aligned to the strategy. This also means terminating those that aren’t and redeploying finite resources in new ways.

Managing projects and their outcomes – managing strategic projects so they realise the intended outcomes and ensuring these benefits are subsequently consumed into the company’s operation i.e. new systems, processes, competencies

Ensuring timely feedback – especially what’s not working, what’s behind schedule, unexpected outcomes, incorrect assumptions, etc.

We help leaders ensure the company is setting the right priorities, creating the right capabilities, optimising finite resources, establishing the right connections, focusing on the right things and learning during the process of strategy execution.