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Our Heritage


For over 20 years Focus Solutions has quietly partnered with leading international companies, SMEs and start-ups to inform decisions on where and how companies should compete, how they should organise, simplify and measure themselves to achieve their most challenging goals.

Strict anonymity and confidentiality is something our client sponsors have always insisted on and, after we exceeded their expectations, in return, they strongly recommended us both inside and outside their company.

Initial client recommendations underlined our ability to apply relevant experience and expertise to create a quality of action; advice shaped by real-world business experience; the ability to see the same things but in different ways; our willingness to go above and beyond in delivering promises; our professionalism and, above all, the quality of our work.

Partnering with clients to become the difference between good or bad strategy and effective or ineffective strategy implementation is what Focus Solutions has always been about. A key element to our approach has been to help client’s see their business challenges and opportunities fully and completely, and simply and clearly, to support critical commercial judgements.

“Looking back, we’ve been successful in working with leading companies across the world because we’re different. Our passion to create superior value, improve performance and grow the company is identical to the client’s. We think, care and act as though their company is our own.”
Daniel Emery
Founder of Focus Solutions

Outcome Driven

Our first clients made it clear from the outset that it would be the assignment outcome that determined their recommendation of Focus Solutions and we quickly learned this was a meaningful point of differentiation between ourselves and the large strategy consulting practices. It became a natural, unconscious way of thinking: how will what I’m doing today advance our client’s thinking about the correct response to a challenge or opportunity and is this the most important thing I should be doing right now? Our passion for results percolated through to unique risk/reward pricing-models and an insistence that critical strategic initiatives should be supported by evidence-based analysis, not the latest consulting trends and buzzwords driven by the same-old, obvious business truisms.

Strength Through Specialisation

Over the year’s the bedrock for Focus Solutions has been a sound understanding about business and knowing every strategy is situation-specific to the company. Our research and real-world strategy development experience told us to always search for what’s unique about the value afforded the company’s customers and the ways it is generated through the company’s operation. We learned that every strategy has to be different because competing in the same ways leads to less differentiation, rising costs and eroded margin. What works for one company can’t work for all. A prerequisite to success was that every company had to be different. And so, over the years, we perfected our understanding about what makes a good strategy and learned the most enduringly successful strategies are those we develop in partnership and benefit from fine-tuning during implementation. And we always knew that executives and founders thrive on additive thinking, constructive and informed critique, and welcome a different perspective and actionable advice.

And Today?

We work with international oil companies, professional services companies, international and national media companies, private equity and angel investors, and start-ups. Always working in the client’s best interest. Always striving to be the best we can.