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Who We Are

We are a partner for leaders who want to create and execute strategy that works.  Together.

The business landscape is littered with expensive, well intentioned strategies that failed. Strategies that consumed significant resources during the process of creation and implementation, strategies that failed because they were flawed in a critical way or inferior to those of competitors. Some we hear about but the majority we don’t because they remain forgotten PowerPoint presentations.

We believe the core of a good strategy is always the same: a specific, coherent and coordinated response to the obstacles to forward progress with activities focused on where they will have the greatest effect.

Our approach is to work quietly and anonymously with executives and founders to create and implement their strategy. To become the difference between success and failure through additive thinking, focus and synthesis, constructive and informed critique, providing a different perspective and actionable advice, and faultless execution.

We have proven success in supporting executives and owners create better performing companies: better versions of themselves.  Reigniting or accelerating growth, pivoting or transforming, and resolving key obstacles to forward progress, is what we do.

…we highly recommend their support to organisations that require focus and strategy that lead to implementable action and business results. We achieved an excellent return on our investment in Focus Solutions…