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The Really Big Questions

…they quickly understood our needs, employed innovative analysis techniques to help us understand the market and quantify opportunities, focused our attention on the key issues and challenges, and helped develop a clear and practical strategy and action plan to grow our business.

Good strategy is about choosing what you’re not going to be and what activities you’re not going to perform in serving customers in the determination of what is possible for the company in the future. We work with our clients to help answer the big questions that form the bedrock of long-term success and understand they often require deep-dive, situation-specific analysis:

  • What business are we in now and what business are we not in, compared to the business we should be in?
  • How much money do we want to make and what risk do we want to take?
  • What is our uniqueness and how is this meaningful and relevant to the target audience?
  • What is important to our success in terms of the competencies we need to create or sustain?
  • How do we create value for our customers in ways that sustain long-term profitability?
  • What is possible for the business?
    • Stay the same, and get better (improve) or
    • Stay the same, and get bigger (replicate) or
    • Keep some parts of the company the same, and introduce new parts that are different (evolve) or
    • Become substantially different (transform)

In partnership with our clients, we help develop situation-specific strategy that incorporates the answers to the really big questions, supported by evidence-based insight and a clear understanding onhow to implement in the most efficient and effective manner.