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Building the Right Competencies

Their insight was really clear and helped us see the less obvious and start the process of changing our value proposition – moving to a modularised offering

Knowing the core competencies that will enable the company to win in the future and ensuring they are developed in time, is critical for leaders. Not doing so often explains why once successful companies fade and ultimately fail at some future point. Core competencies need to directly contribute to customer value, be competitively unique and be transferable to other markets. Naturally, they need to change over time, reflecting the ways in which the marketing environment changes. So helping companies answer the right future-orientated questions is key:

  • What is the opportunity to improve the company’s position in existing markets by better leveraging its existing core competencies?
  • What new core competencies will the company need to build to protect and extend its competitiveness in current markets?
  • What new products and services could the company build for adjacency markets by creatively redeploying its current core competencies?
  • What new competencies will the company need to build to participate in the most exciting markets of the future?

We work with our clients to think-through the rules of competition and how they’re changing – helping them see and compete in a future landscape that’s different. When the rate of change on the outside is greater than on the inside, danger lies ahead.