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Core Competency Checklist

They worked with us to more succinctly define our advantages and the way we should compete. They quickly became part of the team.

Core competencies are difficult to describe but non-the-less, essential in executing the company’s strategy. Competencies are the collective learning in the company, the integration of multiple skills and technologies, and the capability to combine resources and knowledge to deliver a superior product or service. The outcome of competencies are the ways in which the company is differentiated and competitive. The very fabric of the company. A simple checklist for leaders helps distinguish between core competencies and the common competencies performed by everyone in the market.

Competitive advantage – the way customer value is created and delivered, relative to the competition, creates a bigger gap between buyer value and cost.

Identification – they uniquely identify the company’s products and services in the target customer’s mind.

Value – they have intrinsic links to the creation of value for the target customer. Value that is meaningfully different to that afforded by competitors

Replication – they are difficult for competitors to copy.

Multifaceted – they are sometimes difficult to put your finger on because it seems to be a combination of technologies, processes, skills, behaviours and the way things are done in the company

We work with clients to define their core competencies; ensure they’re fully utilised in the way the company chooses to compete; and enhanced by strengthening the fit between the underpinning activities performed so they are reinforced or deepened by making activities more distinctive.