Disrupting markets by leveraging brand equity

A leading European publisher enters a new market with a new business-model to establish its new growth platform.

A leading publisher was experiencing decelerating growth in its core market despite successful product extensions targeting micro-segments. Management were concerned brand equity had been exhausted and needed to explore adjacency market spaces to fuel future growth. Management turned to Focus Solutions for assistance.

Our support focused initially on critiquing new business ideas, exploring the needs of under-served customers in adjacency markets and substantiating the materiality in leveraging brand equity. From here we created a business-model, market entry strategy, secured Group approval and investment, before developing:

The financial-model, three-year business plan and business performance metrics
The marketing and sales plan with supporting collateral
Securing the engagement of external partners with financial investment
Specifying, developing and testing support systems and working processes
Recruiting the Business Leader and team
Developing the business launch plan

The business was launched on-time, under budget and quickly gained traction with target customers by leveraging the publisher’s core capabilities and assets – offering a unique value proposition that afforded a significant cost saving to target customers.